Chapter 2: Celilo Falls to the Snake River  

Unit I: Alexander Ross
Unit II: Narcissa Whitman

Unit III: Peter Burnett

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As the Astorians travel up the Columbia, they encounter the untamed river and the people who live along its banks. Trading and bartering with the natives becomes a way of life to ensure safe portage.  
Lesson 2.1: Nixluidix: The Great Emporium of the Columbia
The main camp of the Indians is situated at the head of the narrows and may contain, during the salmon season, 3,000 people or more.

Lesson 2.2: No Danger at Celilo Falls
We arrived at the falls, the great Columbia Falls. Because of the high floods this year, they were barely noticeable, and we passed them without ever getting out of our canoes.

Lesson 2.3: Blue Mountains in Sight
Despite damage to a canoe from a storm and an altercation with the natives, the party continues to travel on. At last they arrive and camp at the mouth of the Umatallow (Umatilla) River.

Lesson 2.4: Encampment at Walla Walla
At the mouth of the Walla-Walla a large band of Indians were encamped, who expressed a wish that we should pass the day with them.

Lesson 2.5: Snake River Confluence
Early in the morning, what did we see waving proudly in the air, at the confluence of the two great branches, but a British flag.















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