Chapter 1: Expedition to the Interior  

Unit I: Alexander Ross
Unit II: Narcissa Whitman

Unit III: Peter Burnett

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John Jacob Astor's Pacific Fur Company begins fur trading operations in the Pacific Northwest. In the summer of 1811 a team is sent from Fort Astoria, near the mouth of the Columbia River, to establish a fur trading post in the interior of the territory.  
Lesson 1.1: The Journey Begins
In two clumsy Chinook canoes, each filled with fifteen or twenty packages of goods of ninety pounds weight, we left to travel the strong and rapid Columbia.

Lesson 1.2: The Willamette River
The waters of the Columbia are very high this year. At the mouth of the Willamette commences the great Columbian Valley of Lewis and Clark.

Lesson 1.3: A Churning River
We were again early at work, making the best of our way against a turbulent and still-increasing current.

Lesson 1.4: The Great Cascades of the Columbia
After making some distance with the paddles, we had to turn to the poles, and then to the hauling line, till at length we reached the point of disembarkation.

Lesson 1.5: Portage Around the Narrows
We had not decided whether to continue our route by water up the long narrows or undertake the portage by land, both being equally difficult and dangerous.















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